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Shinwa Organics Interview with Ky Smith

Shinwa Organics Interview with Ky Smith

Haute Mama: How did you come up with the idea of launching an entirely organic bamboo baby line?

Ky Smith: As a baby my son had eczema....I was already very aware of the benefits of using Organic Products however I had difficulty finding truly Organic Swaddle Blankets.

HM:How have you seen using organic bamboo as a fabric impact your son's skin?
KS: Because bamboo is anti bacterial for up to 50 washes, anti static and naturally deodorising I have found it has made a great difference. His condition has improved dramatically.

Many companies claim their products are organic or environmentally friendly however when I looked closely I found many fabrics where bleached, chemically softened or printed with chemical based dyes, along with surface prints. Even natural pigments often contain heavy metals. My design partner and I worked for over a year to source our Bamboo fabric. It is grown in chemical free plantations, is mechanically pulped, naturally softened and unbleached.

HM: What is in your collection?
KS: The Shinwa Organics collection includes sheet sets, hand embroidered mosquito net and pillow, face wash and towel sets and a stunning hand knitted bamboo, cashmere, and hand spun alpaca blanket.

HM: The art work on the fabric is original...what was your inspiration for an oriental theme?
KS: The artwork is original. It is hand painted and all our designs are hand printed. Bamboo has been a great source of inspiration for artists throughout the centuries. Both Shareen and I lived in Shanghai to develop the fabric and it was both in Shanghai and Japan that we were drawn to the historical relationship between Bamboo and the arts. We were both inspired by watercolour and woodblock images depicting Bamboo.

HM: What's your favourite item in the collection?
KS: The first design we did was the Bamboo Forest. I think we are both very proud of the Bamboo Forrest Swaddle Blanket for it's artistic qualities. We also both love the Azah Blanket. It is so soft and like all Shinwa Bamboo fabric it has the hand feel of Cashmere.

HM: Where is Shinwa sold in the US (or where/when will it be available)?
KS: Our products will be available in the US in May:
We are sold in the US at:

Yoya Inc
636 Hudson Street
New York NY

20 Harrison St
New York NY

2095 Boston Post Rd
Larchmont NY

98% Angel
3835 Cross Creek Rd #5A
Malibu CA

Baby Wrights
421 Manhattan Beach BLVD
Manhattan Beach CA

Pretty Please
500 Grand Boulevard Suite 106
Sandestin FL

Sugarplum Dreams
999 E Basse Rd Suite 161
San Antonio TX