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T spheres

Interview with Stephanie Whittier of t spheres for Haute Mama Online
1) Can you bring your t spheres to work and massage at your desk to relieve a pregnancy sore lower back?

Yes, most definitely. This is one of the many reasons I created t spheres, to give the flexibility of a self-soothing massage any place at any time.

2) What are some uses for soothing baby? Please elaborate on the massage technique for colic - to assist baby in burping, and any other relaxing baby massage.

I have been educated in new-born and infant massage since 1995 - and the simple technique of massaging in the direction of the intestinal flow is best - a gentle soothing touch with t spheres can be used in this manner. The key is regular massage sessions for Colic...not during the actual crying episodes, as the baby's abdomen is too rigid to be massaged. Take a minute or three to massage every time you change a diaper, skipping the massage sessions during the day can possible result in a re-visit of colic crying at night. Enjoy your time massaging, it's important for you to be relaxed and not over think what you are doing. Start on the lower right side of the tummy by the belly crease at the hip and massage upward and across to the left side then massage can turn it into a circle starting the massage from right to left if this makes it easier for you and baby. Depending on the size of your child you can either hold the t spheres with three fingers - the thumb, index and middle finger making little tiny circles with the massage motion or place between your child and the palm of your hand and massage in the same circular motion.

Burping - I still think the massage stroke of tapotement (back patting) is the I am going to stick with that.
Hiccups and calming /Acupressure point Pericardium 8/ This point is easily located in the center of the palm of the's why we clench into a fist when under stress - it's a natural calming point.
Constipation & Diarhea/Acupressure point Stomach 25/ Stomach 25 dual purpose tummy chi point. (both diarrhea & constipation) /approximately three finger widths outside & level with the navel on both sides on an adult - 2 fingers on a child.

4) What's a good bath massage to relieve other pregnancy soreness?

A few suggestions...Place the t spheres between your feet and the end of the tub and as you soak push into them to open up the reflex points and release tightness in the feet. Use them under the low back and allow the floating feeling assist in how much pressure you put on the tight spots. For upper back, place between you and the end of the tub where your shoulders are in between the shoulder blades and the spine..using a bath pillow allow your self to deep breathe and let the tension float away into the bath water. We suggest you are always gentle with your self and believe that Mommy really knows what feels good to her and with that knowing and self-care she takes care of her baby.

5) Is it easy to teach your partner to use the t spheres?

Yes..they can massage longer and get deeper pressure with the t spheres. Most partners find the circular massage motion mixed with deep one point focus massage pressure on the spots that have really tightened for a count of 8-10 while the receiver takes a deep breath back into circular motion works playful, don't over think it and find out what feels good to the both of you.

6) Why are they called tranquility spheres?

My massage company that spawned the product's launch is called Tranquility Massage which lead to my product company name Tranquility Spheres Inc. We shortened that to t spheres to be catchier to the market - which is short for tranquility spheres & travel spheres (the product was originally created for me and my clients when we traveled). And, a cool play on it is taken from the T-Sphere component in a physics equation, this T-sphere deals with gravity and relativity to space and how it reacts in certain situations. Our t spheres help you relate to how your body moves and feels better when it is massaged to relieve stress. Hence, we created our logo in the lower case t spheres® not T-Spheres which is a whole other thing.

7) Are there other areas you can apply the t spheres? Like feet, head, face etc...

Actually, the t spheres are made from a specific purified rubber compound and then infused with the perfect amount of aromatherapy that has been carefully thought out and tested. So yes, you can use them all over the body - the connective tissue runs through out and all over the body - so the more familiar you get with massaging the aches and pains away - the more creative you get with your self-massage or partner massage - the more you will discover you can practically use them on any body part. I have been a massage therapist for 19 years now and I am always excited by the new ways my clients come up with taking care of themselves with the t spheres. Children, 3 and up (always supervise & put the t spheres away when using on children younger) will play with them like a toy and also self-massage when taught to use them which is leading them to healthier ways of stress relief and healthcare. Men sometimes like to squeeze them and use them like a stress ball - tossing it in the air and then massaging the neck and chest while enjoying the aromatherapy. Women will find the buttuck massage and foot massage is truly a quick and easy way to get all tension to roll a t sphere can until you become familiar with using them :) which usually takes about 3-5 t spheres massages.

Anything else you'd like to add relating to mothers?

My intention with the t spheres product is to teach our society a healthier way to self-soothe. Try to take at least 15 minutes a day for you - I use t spheres every day between either my massage clients or after working on the computer...I feel muscle & body tension causes much of our irritable mood phases and t spheres really can help adjust our attitude to a brighter way when used & given the chance. I also encourage teaching your children to self-massage so they can learn a better way of relieving stress and come to an understanding of how the body holds tension and can just as easily let it go. In short, how it feels to be living in their bodies. All aromatherapy oils in t spheres are pure in quality - no additives or chemicals used to bind the essential oil to the product, therefore safe for all - of course check with your physicians and pay attention to what you or your child may be allergic to - but to date no one has ever had a bad or allergic reaction to our products.